Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Adu for now...Reopens September 2020

This crypt is now closed until September/October of 2020. Scardy Cat may stop by on occasion but until then adu. Thanks to everyone who stopped by for this inaugural blog. You have made it fun!

Your Crypt Keeper for 2019,

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Day 29: #Zombies and My Fascination #music #halloween #CryptKeeper

This is a repost from another blog I own. This was originally posted in 2013. I have modified the post.

I, like others, have this fascination with zombies. I am in no mood to meet one and have them eat my brains or worse, have to kill one but still...fascination.
One of the most well known cult zombie movies is this one, Night of the Living Dead.

A band that apparently loves the movie decided to base a song from the movie. I love the beat of it.
The band is called: Sek and the tune Living Dead Beats!

I am not sure you have ever seen the Creepshow but I have a little bit. This song was featured on that show and I think it is a good one. This version is from The Rockin' Monsters and the tune is, Zombie Ate Her Brains!